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71 people are coming to campsmile


The following students have organised assistance with transport.

Hannah T, Edward, Eden C, Hamish, Ashton, Evan, Ben, Fay, Abigail, Miriam, Lucy P, Tahlia, Eden T

The cut off for any other students requiring pick up or drop off has passed.


Who Am I? 

How to play: 

From the clues below identify the 3 celebrities that you think the information is about and send the names to Joanne.Dobb@education.wa.edu.au 

Each week the competion will open Wedneday and close Tuesday evening. A tally will be keep for the most correct answers. 

NOTE - Only entries sent in correctly will be recorded. Please read information correctly to be considered for point. 

Good luck 

Week 1 Answers: Taylor Swift / Mr Beast / Christino Ronaldo 

Week 2 


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